Danny Sternbeck

I’m a Game Designer, Level Designer, Enemy Designer, Puzzle Designer, UI Designer

About Me

I am Danny Sternbeck, Game Designer from Mainz, Germany. I want to create cool boss fights. Currently working on expanding on my UI Design skills.

I work mainly in Unity but also know my way around Unreal Engine 4 and RPG Maker.

Game Design


Look Development


Project Managment


UI Design


Recent Works

  • Everything
  • Danny
  • Kinga

Two Worlds of a Postmodern City

Two Worlds of a Postmodern City

 Upper World

The upper part of the city: Many neon lights, glass windows and clean air.

The lower part of the city is much darker and dirtier. The street lights give the alley a cold and lonely ambience.



Van Goghs Café de la Future

Van Goghs Café de la Future

Van Goghs Cafe Terrace At Night in 2040

The idea was to create a scene with a motive that already exists, but bring it into today's time and space and perhaps even in a further future.

I choosed the Café Terrace At Night by the Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh because it was painted almost 140 years ago so that we can see some differences in the lighting. This café still exists in Arles and nearly nothing has changed there. So I decided to keep some remarkable sweet spots as the lamp in the front, the tables and even the pub windows on the other side of the street.

In order to transfer it to today’s world or perhaps even into the future, I decided to do the scene at night. This gives me the opportunity to add many emissive lights so that they not only brighten up the road but also make it appear more vivid even without placing some people into the scene.

It was created with blender by using it's realtime render engine Eeevee. My focus was on modeling, shading and lighting a scene, so that the only non-self-created objects are the textures of the facades on the houses.



Light in a Forest

Light in a Forest

The idea of this scene was to create one environment with different light settings.

A forest is a great place for a natural environment. So I choosed it to create four different light settings: Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night.

Every Setting has it's own Light and Post Processing Setup with a unique Color Grading.

For me, it was also important to show a feeling within those settings.

So maybe the afternoon would be pretty cloudy so we would feel uncomfortable and cold. So the colors were also changed in the post processing into grey and bluish tones.







Twin Worlds

Twin Worlds

Twin Worlds consists of one level created in Unity and one level created in Unreal Engine 4. The worlds can be switched between by entering the tornado and maelstrom respectively that act as portals connecting the two worlds. Afterwards the current scene is closed and the other automatically opened, as they are two different executables.



Game Design

Experience in various other aspects of Game Design such as Level Design, Enemy Design, Boss Design and Puzzle Design

Look Development

Experience in conceptualizing and realizing of settings, environments and enemies.

Project Managment

Experience with various project managment tools such as Trello, Codecks, Git and Discord.

UI Design

Experience in designing, realizing and converting of UIs for various genres of games on both PC and mobile.


2018 - 2021

Bachelor's Degree (Arts)

Timebased Media, focus on Game Design @ University of Applied Sciences Mainz

2007 - 2009

Technical Diploma, State-certified Media Assistant

@ BBS 1 Mainz-Hartenberg

2002 - 2006

High school certificate (10 years)

@ IGS Mainz-Bretzenheim

2019 - Present

QA Testing (Part-Time, Remote)

QA and Playtesting for unannounced educational WebGL based game @ Deutsche Welle Bonn

2015 - 2018

Studio Assistant (Full-Time)

Assistant of photography, Picture and video editing, Assistant (Studio rental), Keybearer, Rental studio marketing, Web-Admin @ Westend Studios Wiesbaden

2013 - 2015

Studio Assistant (Internship)

Aquisition of props, Archiving of footage, Web-Admin @ Westend Studios Wiesbaden